Le Rhöne Art Challenge

Le Rhöne Art Challenge

Let your imagination run free

April 10, 2020

While a large part of the world is locked down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Le Rhöne launched a creative challenge this April on its social networks.

The brand’s community members, representing in total no less than 10.000 followers, were invited to showcase their talent by drawing or painting something that includes in the art piece a watch of Le Rhöne, using their imagination.
Open to artists and to anyone willing to unleash his creativity, this challenge proved to be very successful. Delicate, complex, funny, colorful or related to topical issues, the artworks were sent with love to Le Rhöne. The company was pleasantly surprised by the participants’ imagination and their interpretation of the brand.

A smart idea to enroll its community into a creative and amusing activity while staying home and safe!

Here are some of #lerhoneartchallenge artworks :