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After embarking on their careers for luxury groups, the two childhood friends Loïc Florentin and Timo Rajakoski founded Le Rhöne in 2013.
As true visionaries, they decided to combine their passion, strength and expertise to create bold and exquisite timepieces 100% manufactured in Switzerland. Each Le Rhöne watch is first and foremost the product of talented craftsmen based in the best Swiss workshops and working with the utmost respect of watchmaking tradition.
Precise savoir-faire combined with the founders’ original approach to watchmaking, and their dedication to place human relationships at the very heart of the brand’s development, creates the essence of Le Rhöne: the highest quality standards with a touch of modernity and audacity – a philosophy in two words: Human Tempö.

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All our movements are developed and produced in Switzerland, based on the highest qualitative standards to fit the tremendous technicity of our timepieces. Crafted by talented and experienced watchmakers, each movement follows genuinely the Swiss horological heritage.
Prestigious and unique calibers have been developed for our 5 collections. Our iconic chronographs, invented for the very first collection, are equipped with the automatic movement DD2017 and assembled on a A10 base. Le Rhöne has developed the 3 hands automatic movement DB-01, as well as the outstanding (JMT) Jumping Meridian Time Module that allows to read very easily both local and Home Time. Our Maison has as well dedicated collections that reveal the true technical feat of our partners with the 360° Moon Phase and the remarkable Double Tourbillon calibers (Double Flying Tourbillon JMT, Double Flying Tourbillon Home Time and Double Bridge Tourbillon Home Time) – a real mechanical beauty unveiled by a bold design.


At Le Rhöne, we believe in the power of creativity and therefore give our customers the freedom to create their own timepiece. Our best Swiss artisans are devoted to make your dream come true: engraving, enamel painting, choice of material, colors – everything is possible.
Feel free to contact us for any special request.

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With 9 points of sale, Le Rhöne presence is worldwide.
Each of our premium partners contribute with passion to the delivery of Le Rhöne’s philosophy across the globe: Human Tempö.

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